Coachella And Epic Bring Festival

Coachella And Epic Bring Festival

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 25 Apr 2022 12:10 UTC
Fortnite Coachella
Fortnite Coachella

Coachella and Epic Games Join Hands to Bring Music Festival to Fortnite.

Music and fashion based mega festival is upon us in Fortnite as Epic Games joins hands with Coachella Arts and Music festival. The game now has a coachella themed fashion in-game contents and drops which will remain in line with the real world coachella music event over the next two weekends.

Fortnite Coachella
Fortnite Coachella

Fortnite Coachella themed item drops will coincide with Coachella’s dates. The game also features a list of artists ready to perform in the Coachella festival.

This isn’t the first time that Epic Games enters and introduces an in-game collaboration. This time Fortnite enters an exciting collaboration with Coachella which is an annual music festival that runs for two weeks.

The collaboration has introduced Coachella themed skins and in-game items. Moreover, Coachella has also taken over Fortnite’s in-game Icon Radio and players now can listen to music by over 30 artists.

Fortnite has added songs from Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and some other top artists in the Coachella collaboration.

The Fortnite-Coachella collaboration did continue til April 22nd.

Previously, Fortnite had collabs with other artists but this is the first time that annual music festival enters a mainstream game. Fortnite has proved itself as a promising venue for musicians and artists, and also conducted massive live music events.

Fortnite Coachella
Fortnite Coachella

In the past couple of years the game has seen Masrhmello and Ariana Grande doing a live concert. Moreover, other artists are involved in musical events created in the game's creative mode.

The game now also has a feature of built a studio for in-game concerts leaving the Fortnite stage as a mega stage more like a tour stop.

Coachella partnering up with Epic Games reiterates its focus on pushing more into the digital festive arena. Besides the Fortnite partnership, Coachella also released several NFT's collections and mobile AR for festival goers.


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