Square Enix & Blockchain Technology

Square Enix & Blockchain Technology

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 25 Mar 2023 21:24 UTC

Square Enix President Adamant on his Idea of Blockchain Technology and the Future of Video Games.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Japan, Yosuke Matsuda, the president of Square Enix, reiterated that the future of video games will feature blockchain technology. Previously, Matsuda faced severe backlash from the Square Enix fanbase and other video gamers over his nft-hyping blockchain letter. His letter was regarded as terrible by the majority of gamers and the president was censured due to it. [caption id="attachment_18236" align="alignnone" width="300"]Square Enix President In Favor Blockchain Technology Square Enix President In Favor Blockchain Technology[/caption] Despite the previous backlash, rampant scams, hackers stealing millions, people losing money, rug pulls, etc. Matsuda once again comes in favor of blockchain technology. He supported the idea of blockchain in games and was pretty excited about it. In the interview, he said that the future of Square Enix will comprise blockchain-powered games. “Until now, in most games, we provided the content as a finished product,” argued Matsuda. “And the players played that content. However, there are a certain number of players in the world who want to contribute to making games more interesting, by creating new settings and ways of playing.” “If, instead of relying on goodwill, we can also provide incentives to those who contribute to development by utilizing technologies such as blockchain, there is a possibility that innovative and interesting content can be created from the ideas of users.” Matsuda’s unclear idea seems to focus on those gamers that are also actively contributing in the betterment and evolution of the games via mods and other ideas. [caption id="attachment_18235" align="alignnone" width="300"]Square Enix President In Favor Blockchain Technology Square Enix President In Favor Blockchain Technology[/caption] Building on the idea of contributor gamers, Matsuda also shows an embracing attitude towards the utilization of blockchain technology and innovative ideas revolving around it in future games. Matsuda wants Square Enix to join the growing list of publishers and studios working on the integration of blockchain and NFT's in their upcoming video game projects. However, the ride is a bumpy one so far for Square Enix like other publishers especially Ubisoft who have faced massive criticism from the gaming community.


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